Queries are welcome by telephone or email.

A site visit is then arranged. Photographs, site plans or sketch drawings can be sent before hand and are usually very useful and can speed up the process and reduce costs. This initial visit is very important as this gives “a feel for the place” in its widest sense and all garden requirements can be discussed in detail with the client. This visit is usually only for a couple of hours but depends on the size of the garden area.

Within a few weeks a proposal or preliminary planting plan is prepared and presented. This includes costs, possible time frames and other practical matters. Plans are hand drawn or can be presented as CAD drawings if required.

Any amendments are then made as suggested by the client or from further site visits which may be necessary. Additional expertise, eg engineering or architectural can also be arranged through Daphne’s extensive contacts or by the client.

Arrangements can then be made for any hard landscaping although the client may prefer to organize this locally. Overseeing the hard landscaping can also be arranged.

The plants are then sourced and delivery arranged. The plants are always laid out by Daphne and their planting supervised by her.

A check up visit is usually recommended and any readjustments made, if necessary.

If required a maintenance plan can be drawn up.


Fees are in the range €300-600/day + expenses depending on the size and complexity of the garden.